The business landscape is changing at a dynamic pace with the ever changing needs of the organizations. Its becoming difficult to attract the right Talent and keeping them motivated to deliver best results.

Look at how we can help you bring the right people on board.

Talent Aggregators is a new age Talent Advisory Firm

We assists our clients in making the right hiring decisions by giving strategic inputs on market analytics, compensation surveys, talent bench marking, etc.

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  • +Large Electronics MNC
  • + Top Fortune 50 Company (FMCG)
  • +Largest Indian Conglomerate
  • +Artificial Intelligence Start-Up
  • +Largest Pharmaceutical Company

Core Capabilities

Hows & Whys

How We Work

We blend startup attitude with agile methodologies to help our clients take measured decisions while hiring their next employee.

We emphasize on understanding the client’s operations. Our startup mindset makes us aggressive on the timelines  but our experience ensures that all relevant data is captured for our clients to take the right hiring decision.

How We Can Help You

Identifying the right talent is a highly detail oriented and time consuming work. People generally don't have the right skill set to differentiate between a skilled candidate and the right talent. 

We invest a lot of time in understanding an organisation, it's executives and decision makers. We ask targeted questions to know the DNA of the organization, it's culture and the people with whom the candidate will be working.

These data points coupled with our years of learning gives us a strategic advantage to identify the right candidate.

Candidates can be broadly categorized in 2 segments - Active & Passive. While active candidates may get interested for any opportunity, they may/may not be the right talent for the role. Passive candidates needs much information before taking the next step towards a discussion. Attracting such talent via conventional methods is quite difficult.

We work as an extended partner to our clients and know the art of presenting them to prospective candidates. Presentation plays a key role in generating a candidates interest and thus its not limited only to an organization's credentials only but encompasses its culture, people, growth story, vision, etc.

A successful search is directly dependent on your reach and spread in the market place. The low hanging fruits in social media and portals may not be enough for a comprehensive search.

Through our years of association, we are well connected with industry leaders who further helps us in lead generation. For us, its a continuous process to be in touch with honchos of the industry. We do it via networking over social media platforms, industrial associations, conferences, etc.  

Compensation is a highly critical aspect of any hiring process. Candidates might come with really high salary expectations. Organisations on the other hand may not have true knowledge of the payouts prevalent in the market place.

We, through our continuous evaluations are better placed to advise our clients. We also perform real time market mapping in order to apprise our clients on the industry standard payouts.

Why Us


Our mantra is to excel in all that we do. We keep our personal and organizational goals high and consistently try to surpass them. We attract talents with right attitude who can deliver results in a dynamic environment.


We believe in transparent and honest but timely communication as that helps in building trust resulting in long term relationships with our clients


Our strength lies in our team. We hire sharp brains and encourage them to come out with solutions independently. We provide them the right platform and work cohesively towards their development


Each client brings different challenges. We keep our processes flexible to provide solutions according to the needs of specific clients


We started with the passion of hiring next generation leaders. Today our team has embraced the same passion and work around the clock to deliver solutions to our clients


On facing a tough search, we never shy away. We rather dig deep to unearth the right talent using unconventional methods