Making Organisations Future Ready

Markets have always been turbulent as the dynamics of business keep changing. The continuous innovations and disruptions at the market place coupled with external uncertainties makes it even more challenging for the businesses to sustain themselves. 

Organisations with the right talent would be able weather these ever changing times. A talent that would be able to comprehend the future needs of the organisation, its employees and execute the plans effectively. 


Talent Aggregators is a new age search firm that amalgamates Art & Science together to find solutions for our client’s need. We are a team of experienced brains and passionate professionals who work cohesively to get the right talent for our clients. 


Years of expertise gives us an understanding of the business but the Art of listening helps us in understanding the DNA of the organisation which enables us in targeting the right talent.


Getting the right talent depends on the science behind identification and assessment. We use traditional & innovative methods to track  the talent and use our own tools to assess their fitment to the organisation.

Industry Specialization

Technology & BPS

Consumer Products




Education & Media

Our Journey


The Journey Begins

1st Year

Bootstrapped the firm and managed to bag the first client (Global Insurance Firm) within months of starting the firm.


Quick   Burst

2nd Year

Got recognized for quality work soon and Signed the next contract with one of the most reputed and largest Global Electronics Giant.


Global Reach

3rd Year

Entrusted by one of the Top 50 Fortune Company (Global FMCG Firm) to identify Leaders across countries including China, India, Mexico, etc..


Deepening Roots

4th Year

Struck a deal with the largest Indian Conglomerate to bring in Leaders for their new initiatives in Banking, Healthcare, Education, etc. along with the legacies like Telecom, Oil & Gas, Energy, etc.


The Journey Continues..

5th Year

On the verge of signing 3 more Global MNCs (1 Technology, 2 Engineering) as the journey continues for us...