Consumer Products

The Consumer Products industry is one of the oldest and 4th largest sector in the Indian economy. The sector employs around 3 million people in the country. With the increasing dependency on e-commerce and the rising disposable income of the rural market, the sector is looking to grow at a steady pace. 

The Consumer Products industry is close to $110 Billion USD and is expected to grow at 9% to reach $220 Billion USD by 2025.

Industry Expertise

The Consumer industry had an early start in the country but the industry didn’t grow exponentially in the initial years between 1950 – 1980 due to low purchasing power of the vast majority of population. Also the companies were focused towards the urban market only. By the 90s, the companies realized the potential of semi urban and rural market which leads to the beginning of aggressive growth for the sector.

In the last decade, the companies penetrated deeper in the existing market and gained market share from unorganized players. Biggest innovation came in the form of small packaging, thus making it cheaper and accessible to the consumers. Today, the industry is trying to capitalize on the e-commerce boom in the country to increase sales and cutting down the expenses by investing in low cost innovative engineering solutions for their plants.

Our Consumer Products team is proud to be associated with one of the top Fortune 50 CPG company. We have proven credentials in the below ares of specialization

Our Credentials

Designation Organization Description
Head Marketing
Large Indian Dairy Products Company
Director Process Engineering
Global Fortune 50 CPG Firm
Director Construction Engineering
Global Fortune 50 CPG Firm
Director Utilities Engineering
Global Fortune 50 CPG Firm
Plant Head (Diversity)
Global Foods Firm