The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical sector put together are one of the biggest in terms of revenue as well as manpower. Cumulatively they contribute close to $250 Billion USD to the Indian economy. 

The industry is growing at a remarkable pace and is expected to generate more than $350 Billion USD by 2022.

Industry Expertise

The Pharmaceutical industry dates back long in the country but it started getting relevance only after 1970. With subsequent policy changes over the years, India has become the global hub of pharmacy sector. Today, India supplies over 60% of vaccines and drugs across the globe and contributes about 57% of APIs and 69% finished pharma products. Further growth in the sector is expected to happen by exploring newer markets, expanding collaborations with international agencies, improving access to medicines, up-skilling the workforce and promoting innovation.

India’s healthcare industry had an equally good growth story as pharmaceutical. Initially the dependence was on government funded hospitals but over the years the model has changed and now the dependence on private players is much more. Country’s Healthcare expenditure is about 4% of the  GDP with 70% of spending from private players. The growth of this sector is due to various strategies adopted by the companies like vertical integration, horizontal integration and diversification.

We are proud to have partnered with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company and a global medtech company to appoint people at leadership level.

Our Credentials

Designation Organization Description
Chief of Products
Largest Pharmaceutical Company
Large Indian Pharmaceutical Firm
Head Regulatory Affairs & Quality
Large Indian Pharmaceutical Firm
Indian Healthcare Group
Head Strategy
Large Indian Pharmaceutical Company
Head - PR
Global Medical Devices Firm
Head - BD
Global Medical Devices Firm