The industrial sector comprising of manufacturing, mining, construction, gas, etc. is a major sector for the Indian economy. It is also called the secondary  sector contributing 29.2%  of the GDP and employing more than 17% of the workforce. 

The industrial sector contributes GVA (Gross Value Added)  of INR 39.90 Lac Crore. The sector got minor halt due to pandemic but with global focus shifting towards India, the country is looking to create a trillion dollar sector by 2025.

Industry Expertise

Industrial manufacturing in the country has seen its ups and downs to become the 9th largest in the world. The initial agenda was to build the industrial foundation for the country and thus the emphasis was laid on capital goods sector in the 50s & 60s. However that led to abandoning of consumer goods sectors which leads to fall in growth rate of industrial production between 1965-80.  The 90s brought the liberalization which further fueled the growth of the sector. The current decade again saw decline in industrial growth considering the weak demand for exports and slowdown in domestic demand. 

Manufacturing leaders, however, are overwhelmingly positive about growth prospects. To thwart challenges such as market volatility, rising material & labour costs, cost reduction, etc., the manufacturers are pushing hard to improve production processes, strengthening client relationships and finding the talent with the right skill set. They are employing multiple strategies to increase production with reduced cost and the one topping their list is Digitization of manufacturing units. Industry 4.0 comprising of IOT, Robotics, Data Analytics, 3D printing, etc. is going to drive the next phase of growth for the sector.

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