Education & Media

India’s economy encompasses multiple other sectors that contributes to the GDP. Two of those sectors that have prominently grown in the last decade are Education and Digital Media.

With a large young population and the penetration of internet, both the sectors are looking at a double digit growth in the next decade. 

Industry Expertise

The Education sector in India has seen unprecedented growth in recent years but there lies a huge opportunity of growth as India has the largest population between 3 – 24 years. The Education sector, comprising of 1.4 million schools, 850+ universities and 40,000 institutes contributes roughly $100 Billion USD to the Indian economy. The future of education sectors looks bright considering the increase in demand for skilled professionals, increase in per capita consumption and high enrollment ratio. The onset of online education is further fueling the growth for the sector.

India’s media and entertainment industry has been growing at a staggering pace largely contributed by the Digital Platform which has grown at nearly 40% year-on-year. Digital has already overtaken the filmed entertainment and is expected to keep its pace to overtake print by 2021. The spend on digital advertisement grew close to 30% and accounts for nearly 20% of the market share. Digital subscriptions grew nearly 200% on back of telecom penetration in the country. Overall the media & entertainment industry is going through an accelerated phase of growth and is expected to continue a similar journey in the near future.

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