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We are in the business of Data. Data that is being collected and shared with organisations for them to take the right hiring decisions. Through our various service offerings we give solutions to organisations to hire leaders in this volatile market place.

Executive Search

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The world of business is changing fast and companies are looking towards disruptive methodologies to carry sustainable growth.

Companies are looking at hiring leaders who can constantly innovate and challenge themselves to maximise the returns for them.

Bringing such Executives to the table demands an eye for the Talent, Deep Rooted understanding of your business and Wisdom to assess them.

We help our Clients in on boarding such Talents.

Management Search

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The Senior/Middle Management hiring is a key aspect for any firm as they are the future leaders who are going to take the mantle of growing the organisation further.

Moreover, people in this league acts as a bridge who executes Top Management’s vision with the help of junior management and thus it’s a very strategic hire for any firm. 

The Talent pool here is considerably large and requires years of expertise, the right network within the industry and perseverance skills to get the right talent.

We specialise in unearthing such talents for our Clients.

Market Analytics

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Mapping has become an integral part of hiring strategy for any Human Resource leader. It helps in determining the future needs of the employer, gives a holistic view of talent availability in the market place and also keep them abreast with developments across the industry.

Talent Aggregators masters the art of presenting business enabling information under the mapping framework covering aspects such as skill availability, process mapping, organo-structure, functional mapping, etc.

Screening & Assessment

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The companies have realised that Screening & Assessment can turn into very important tool if used in a systematic & timely manner. Recent studies suggest that a thorough screening process leads to hiring a perfect match which in turn not only save time & money but also ensure smooth business continuity.

Screening & Assessment is not only limited to technical fitment but encompasses various aspects such as cultural fitment, leadership style, working style, etc.

We do a detailed study of each candidate via in-person/ VC interviews, direct & discrete reference checks and assessments.

Compensation Benchmarking

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Compensation & benefits surveys helps companies in benchmarking salaries for not only potential employees but also existing employees under the following categories

  • Due for appraisal
  • Moving to new role
  • Niche skills
  • Resigned

We have designed a detailed Compensation & Benefits survey in consultation with industry leaders.

We develop the data through our connect in the industry and make it available to our Clients as per their needs.

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