India is the 2nd largest telecom market with more than 1.2 billion subscribers. The telecom sector contributes roughly about 6.5% of the GDP and employs more than 4 million people in the country.

The ongoing expansion of 4G network across the country along with emergence of 5G technologies coupled with the need of higher bandwidth in the post covid era are surely going to drive the telecom sector towards a positive growth. 

Telecom sectors revenue, estimated at $19 Billion USD in 2019 could almost double up to $38 Billion USD by 2025.


Industry Expertise

India’s telecom industry has been existing since long but the revolution in the sector happened in the 90s. The journey began in an oligopolistic way where only few government players were active participants. The late 90s saw the emergence of private players in the sector which resulted in greater competition and thus increased reach and affordability.India hit the first million by 98 and crossed 100 million by 06 and now carries more than a billion users.

The “calling party pays” strategy, introduced in 2003, worked wonders for the sector as it increased mobile adoption due to free incoming calls. The next phase of growth for the sector came from Data Consumption as the Voice plateaued. Data is undoubtedly the new force which is driving the telecom sector in the country. With the increasing demand for data, the industry has already invested more than 10 Lac Crores on the infrastructure and with 5g roll outs on the cards,  more such investments are in the pipeline.

We have closely followed the telecom sector and have seen through this transformation in last 2 decades. Our team is well equipped with the knowledge to understand the challenges and provide solutions in 

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